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8am - 2pm
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Monday 9am 4pm
Tuesday 8am 7:30pm
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Thursday 8am 8pm
Friday 8am 7:30pm
Saturday 8am 2pm
Sunday Closed

Thank you for joining us for our Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Thank you for joining us for our Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony … Read More

Staying Healthy With Massage

Why is a massage so important to staying healthy?   A regular Massage is wonderful for the body for many reasons.Our bodies collect Lactic Acid in our Joints.  This will cause joint pain during or after exercise. Lactic Acid will build … Read More

Is clarifying hair Important?

Clarifying Hair is very important. A few reasons for clarifying hair.  Massachusetts has the highest mineral content in our water system. Out of many states, we are high on the lists. That being said, clarifying hair  is much like exfoliation of … Read More

Seasonal Facials Importance

Why Are Seasonal Facials Important? With the summer coming to an end, the sun and the temperature outside will change. The hot summer sun feels so good on our skin. With proper sunscreen it is okay to be in the sun in small doses because we get … Read More

Growing Your Hair

Hair tip for growing your hair . When you are growing your hair it is always a good idea to get a monthly or bi-monthly hair trims. Trimming just the ends will promote growing your hair. It will stop split ends as your hair gains length. … Read More