How to Help Sore Tired Feet

sore and tired feet

If you have sore tired feet we at the Hair Gallery Salon and Spa can suggest many treatments that can help ease your pain. The first thing we recommend is to start with a foot massage. There are all different types of essential oils that with massage can decrease pain and inflammation. We offer these either 1/2 hour or by the hour.

On top of a foot massage you could also try a pedicure. Soaking your feet in a mini foot Jacuzzi can be just what you need to relieve foot pain. There are many benefits that come from a warm footbath; it can help with foot fatigue, swelling and any other discomfort. Cutting the nails can also be a big relief and instantly make the feet feel so much better. Exfoliating the dry skin cells off the foot can also have an instant relief in much of foot discomfort as this will allow moisture back into the skin.

A paraffin foot treatment can also help with tired feet. Warm paraffin is draped on the foot with strips of soothing paper. They are then wrapped in warming booties to lock in moisture. This treatment is a wonderful way to end any of the foot treatments talked about in this article. It’s kind of like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae; a great finishing touch!

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