Massage Therapy

couples massage

COUPLES MASSAGE… Spend time with your loved one, your best friend or your bridal party.
60 minutes -$130

HOT STONE MASSAGE… Hot stone massage improves circulation, relives stiff muscles, and opens tight joints. Heated river stones are strategically arranged on pressure points on the face and body, relieving stress and muscle tension creating a sense of balance throughout the whole body. We recommend hot stone for people who are highly sensitive to deep pressure.
90 minutes- $125 ; 60 minutes – $80

INTEGRATED MASSAGE… This massage integrates techniques such as deep tissue, Shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, and passive stretching
in order to specifically address the individual.
90 minutes – $120 ; 60 minutes – $75

SPORTS MASSAGE… An intense massage designed to work out the knots and spasms within the muscles and connective tissue. It’s a good choice for the
physically active person who enjoys a more intense massage.
90 minutes – $120; 60 minutes- $75; 30 minutes – $45

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE… This massage is designed for individuals wanting a deep massage on specific muscle groups. Provides stress release from tension and chronic pain.
90 minutes – $120; 60 minutes – $75 ; 30 minutes – $40

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE… A massage therapy technique that focuses on the connective tissue that is layered throughout the body, most impacted between muscles and skin tissues. it is used to re-align the skeletal system to decrease pain and increase mobility and/or blood flow. Daily stress and/or trauma can cause you to tense up. This therapy allows your body to return to it’s normal resting state. 90 Minutes $110 ; 60 Minutes $70 ; 30 Minutes $40


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE... Indulge your senses with the essential oil of your choice. This one-of-a-kind massage will further your relaxation desires with all the theraputic benefits of our Swedish Massage. Ask your therapist which essential oil would benefit your needs.
90 minutes – $120 ; 60 minutes – $80 (60 minute minimum)

PRENATAL MASSAGE… Ideal for women after their first trimester to relieve the emotional and physical stresses of pregnancy.
60 minutes – $75 ; 30 minutes – $40

REFLEXOLOGY… The feet and hands are gateways to the body. Through the manipulation of various points on the feet or hands, you experience a dynamic yet simple approach to good health.
90 minutes – $110 ; 60 minutes – $70 (60 minute minimum)

SWEDISH MASSAGE… This treatment is our classic massage. Enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage that will improve your energy flow.
90 minutes – $110 ; 60 minutes – $65 ; 30 minutes – $35

FOOT MASSAGE… $30 – 30 minutes

SEATED CHAIR MASSAGE… $35 – 30 minutes