New Salon Services & Products

                        Gel Color By O.P.I

This manicure is a dry (no soaking) manicure. The hands are sanitized. Nails are then buffed, filed and shaped, cuticles are pushed back and then polished. The polish is dry immediately. No wait time-weeks of glossy wear. $30
                                                                               (removed by your nail technician)
This pedicure is a dry pedicure( no soaking) The feet are sanitized, the nails are buffed, filed and shaped. Cuticles are pushed back, clipped and then polished. Polish is dry immediately  no wait time-weeks of glossy wear $45
                                                                                    (removed by your nail technician)
to remove the gel color is a soak off process, no filing and no drilling… quick and easy with no damage to the nail. Removal is included in the price for a redo….. If we are removing another product to start fresh prices may vary. $8 and up.

onesta 1

HG Salon and Spa is proud to announce the arival of “Onesta” (meaning honesty) Onesta is the newest & latest product line we are now caring at HG Salon and Spa. free yourself from harmful chemicals. Onesta is certified organic! Our product is free of
* Parabens
* Sulfates
* Gluten
* Dyes
* Phthalates
* Sodium Chloride
* Propylene Glycol

* Great for all hair types *