1. Wedding, Vacation, Prom, Need 20 minutes of quiet time away from the kids! Ask yourself, "Do I need a reason?"
  2. We have two lay down tanning rooms.

Lay Down

  • Single Visit... $7

  • Seven Visits... $25

  • Ten Visits... $40

  • Seventeen Visits... $50

  • Unlimited Package... 1 month - Prices Vary

    • 10% tax to above prices
    • Packages are good for four months, except for the Unlimited - 1 month. *
    • A two-hour cancellation is required.

Air Brush Tanning

  • Full Body... $40

  • Partial (waist up)... $20

  • Legs only... $15

  • Face only... $10


  • Before your appointment, exfoliate in the shower using a loofah or body scrub. Pay special attention to extra or prone dry areas.
  • Avoid using bar soaps, these products can halt the DHA bronzing reaction or cause dreaded "orange" effect. You want to use a shower gel.
  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing and remove jewelry.
  • Do Not apply lotions, moisturizers or perfumes prior to your session. Use deodorant sparingly.
  • We do offer disposable garments however, wear whatever you feel comfortable in, (ex: old bathing suits, or old under garments)

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