Side Effects Of Hair Coloring

side effects of hair coloring

Questions often come up about the side effects of hair coloring…  The answer is this…

Today Hair color is much more gentle on the hair than it was in earlier years.  Most professional Hair color has been formulated with much better ingredients than your grandmothers remember in their day.  As a result of professional Hair color being formulated with better ingredients (such as eucalyptus, lavender, Natural essential oils) there are few side effects with Hair color.  Some people are very sensitive to the developers put into color to activate and start the color process.

Some doctors will tell their patients that are pregnant not to have Hair colored and some doctors will say that it is not a problem.  Our philosophy is, we tell our clients its best if they talk with their doctor before having any chemical service done if they are pregnant.  Some medications can cause side effects on hair color; side effects like the color not taking to the hair or the person could develop a rash. These are questions we always ask with proper consultation before a color service.  The customer should not experience any side effects. When getting a service done at a professional salon, feel comfortable that you are in good hands.

Image Credit: M Aze

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